The Quality and Testing Department of Alcar with its known technologies and know-how is a reliable technical point of reference for both the Company and the Customers.
This Department acts in an interactive way all along the flow from the industrialisation until the final product launch through the use of appropriate technologies (three-dimensional control 6000x3000x1500, with anthropomorphic arm, digital calibration, gauges and micrometers) and highly skilled workers (7 workers having different roles from the painting to the assembly shop), to satisfy the quality need of the Customers.

The quality office is the manager of the maintenance and continuous improvement of the “ Internal Quality System” (ISO 9001:2000) with which , through a scheduled audit procedure, it assures appropriate checking and performance monitoring.

Finally, Alcar Quality Dpt works directly in the Customer plants to guarantee a rapid resolution of quality problems as and when they occur with an assured “After Sales “ Service.