ALCAR S.r.l. has a long and proud history of industrial innovation. The Company , founded in 1962, became known in the 1960’s as a quality producer of a wide range of jigs, mechanical systems and specialist agricultural machinery. However, the crisis that occurred in the 80’s, in the agricultural sector, prevented the Company from improving its previously acquired competitive position.

Consequently, ALCAR S.r.l., began a policy of industrial re-conversion, and due to the introduction of new and innovative technologies , began supplying the medium and heavy steel structure market and, afterwards entered into the light structure market. New development programs, important real estate investments , new technologies and personnel, allowed the Company to reach UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Standards, and permitted it to conquer a primary position in its sector . As a direct consequence , the greater flexibility of these production processes allowed the rationalization of all production flows inside the Company: Steel cutting with modern laser cutting machines, bending operations with CNC bending machines, assembly and welding with robot systems, liquid and powder painting.

The main output at this time comprised: loading buckets, arms , booms, frames, connecting rods, tanks and caochwork. The reference market is now both national and international , where the Company has established itself and now has as its main customers the most important Companies in the earth moving, agricultural and construction sectors.

All that became possible due to the modern social outlook of the Company itself, the competence of the company management, the acquired skills of our human resource pool and our absolute commitment to acquisition of technical know-how.
The Company has an organization which enables it to use a lean management process: every function is linked rationally with the others in order to create an efficient and well prepared production system.