Alcar S.r.l., as we know it today, is the result of a merger completed in December 2005, between CTM – Costruzioni Termomeccaniche Meridionali s.r.l. (“CTM”), based in Lecce, and Alcar S.p.A., based in Vaie (Turin).
Known as Saverio Nuzzo & C. – Costruzioni Termomeccaniche s.r.l. since 1993, CTM was established in the early 1960s, to produce machinery and mechanical equipment such as conveyor belts, cranes, specialist machinery for  tobacco processing, etc.
After developing in-house technical capabilities and increasing the group’s know-how in design and manufacturing, CTM started the production of agricultural machinery used to harvest and process agricultural products. In 1973 Donato Montinari, who created the Group, purchased his first, 33% stake in the Company. Due to a decline in its competitive position during the agriculture crisis in the 1980s, CTM refocused its business on the supply of medium-heavy metalwork: the Fiat-Allis (now CNH) plant in Lecce became CTM’s main Customer.

In these years, CTM specialized in the production of buckets for wheel loaders and tracked loaders, arm  and booms for bulldozer machines, excavator blades and connecting rods, backhoeloader frames, crane lifting arms and forklift components.
In 1993 the Montinari family increased its stake to 100% of the share capital of CTM. From the mid-1990s, in order to deal with the increasing production volumes, CTM started to use a Montinari group-owned company as supplier of mechanical metalwork welding, i.e. Edil Travi Opec Costruzioni s.r.l., which was first acquired by CTM and then subject of a  merger in December 2003.
The rationalization process applied by the producers of earth moving machines to reduce the number of  their own suppliers in order to work with  bigger and financially stronger companies, able to  co-design products, necessitated the  purchase of  Alcar SpA, located in Turin, and skilled in the production of fuel and hydraulic tanks, body structures for the same earth moving  market.  The natural consequence of this operation was the merger  between Alcar SpA and CTM  srl, which took place in 2005, and which gave birth to  the Alcar Srl.

The formation of Alcar Spa, beside having been a Company owned by the Bruneri family, who invented the first hydraulic excavator in the world (SIMIT), allowed a diversification of the Customer portfolio by adding Caterpillar , the worldwide market leader in earth moving equipment,  and  Liebherr, the important German producer. The capacity to supply the European steel structure market with medium and heavyduty components from the Lecce plant, together with  body components and tanks from the Vaie plant, make todays’ Alcar a unique Company in the European production  panorama.