Social Responsibility

Alcar’s activity has been always characterized by principles of clearness, transparency and legality having respect to all interests pertaining to all the interlocutors the Company and its representatives get in contact with.
Alcar firmly believes that ethics, reliability and good reputation are a fundamental intangible asset in building a sustainable and durable value creation process and in improving the social and environmental context where Alcar operates.
In order to achieve a more accurate definition and formalization of those principles, Alcar has decided to adopt its own Code of Ethics that, in line with generally accepted standards, is aimed to regulate Alcar business activities by ground rules of conduct aimed to address the activity of the Company and of all of those who operate in Italy and abroad for achieving Alcar’s objectives (“Alcar’s People”).

The Code moreover states Alcar’s commitment to sharing and fostering the principles of ethic, social and environmental responsibility, health and safety of the working place in the supply chain and to establishing and maintaining a continuous an open and continuous dialogue with respect to the obtained results, trends and possible areas of improvement in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Therefore the Code of Ethics addresses to Alcar’s employees as well as to the other categories of stakeholders – suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, customers, advisors, brokers, lending institutions – to whom is specifically requested to adopt a conduct compliant with laws, rules and regulations of the countries where they operate and to respect, to share and to foster the principles and the content of the present Code, with limitation to their respective sphere of influence and field of action and compatibly with their organizational structure.

With this aim, Alcar submits to all its stakeholder the Code of Ethics adopted by Alcar Board of Members the 4th of June 2012, with the hope that anyone interested in would contribute to improving and enriching its contents, formulating comments, suggestions and observations aimed to make the Document more effective and in line with the evolution of Alcar organizational and governance model and coherent with the context where the Company operates.